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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Malaysia Citizenship Renouncing


So your application for Singapore Citizenship has been approved. What's next?
The process of renouncing your Malaysian Citizenship is as follows:

Once you received the approval letter from ICA, take the letter to the Malaysian High Commission (MHC) at 301 Jervois Road. Direct bus number 32 from UE Square or the bus stop next to the GMX Reverse Bungee at Clarke Quay.

You will be given an appointment date (usually 1-2 months later) for your renunciation submission. You will be given a set of forms and a checklist on what documents you need to bring along with you for your submission.

Do bring along your birth certificate (have it laminated) on your first trip to MHC as the type of documents needed would depend on what's written on your birth certificate.Next, on your appointment date, submit the forms, the necessary documents, and photocopies including 3 recent passport-sized photographs with blue background. You will be asked to pay S$6 for this stage. Take note that all documents are to be photostated in A4 size. .

Keep copies of all your Malaysian passports (including expired ones) and NRIC as these will not be returned to you. You will be asked to return in approximately 7 working days later to collect the renunciation letter and a certified copy of your birth certificate.

If you lost any of the required documents, do not just tell the counter staff that you cannot provide it as it is not available. They will request you to go and make a police report and it will cause you more trouble! So, get the police report ready if you are missing or lost any required documents.

This letter is sufficient for formalizing your Singaporean Citizenship, including getting your pink NRIC. The official citizenship renunciation document (Form K) will be ready only two years later - MHC will send you a letter when it is ready (the original birth certificate will be returned to you along with Form K). The ICA is aware of this but would still require you to submit the Form K two years later to retain your Singapore citizenship.

Please update MHC by write in to them if your mailing address has changed.
Form K is also necessary if you have funds in the Malaysian EPF that you would like to withdraw.
It is a hassle (multiple trips to MHC) but the consular staff is polite, and the instructions are pretty clear (and in English).

Altogether, there will be 3 trips to MHC!
Once it is processed. You will go down to MHC again in about 7 days between 2.30 - 3.30pm to collect the Renunciation Letter
You will get a copy of your Birth Certificate with 'Certified True Copy' from the Malaysian High Commission.


Anonymous said...

you are lucky.... my appointment is 6 months later :(

A Gust of Wind said...

it's not about lucky or not. u just have to give them a reason. crack ur brain, think of something

Anonymous said...


Your write-up is informative.

Do you know where I can look up for information if I am still hold on to a property in Malaysia upon giving up the Malaysian citizenship?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your detail info!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous can let me know where l can look up for information regarding property in malaysia